No Fake Shit! No Bullshit! No Shallow Shit!

Upgrade Your Circle March 3, 2020!

Welcome! Thanks For Your Interest In WomeneurCircles!

Because It's Time To Upgrade Your Circle!

What Is WomeneurCircles?

The #1 NO-BULLSHIT, online global community for female entrepreneurs to receive genuine support and make real connections with real-ass people! 

A safe and non-judgmental community for female entrepreneurs like you to connect and be heard while being real and keeping it real. A space where people actually matter over titles.       

Why WomeneurCircles?

WomeneurCirlces was created as an extension of the Womeneur Instagram community for you to become intentional with making deeper connections beyond random Instagram comments and emojis. Stay consistently engaged in real conversations with real people about business and so much more in an intimate, safe and cozy space. 

Womeneur Cirlces is all about YOU. I’ve spent a LOT of time listening to you and the ONE thing I know for sure is you’re ready to upgrade your circle. Why? Because…
  • Your voice truly matters and you’re ready to be heard by others that genuinely care about you and your story
  • It’s time to ditch your unsupportive ‘friends’ who only wanna party and ‘hate’ on you on the down low
  • Say goodbye to your haters and upgrade your circle to lady bosses who really want to win and  also see you win
  • You have a hard time focusing. You start something, but don’t follow through and complete it. It’s time to link up with someone who’s gonna stay on your ass to make sure you get done what you said you’d do
  • You’re so over always pouring into others without reciprocation. You’re ready to be poured into!
  • You just love connecting with your peers on the Womeneur Instagram platforms (@womeneur & @instagsociety); but you’re ready to go beyond random comments & smiley emojis and connect with them on a deeper level
  • You’re tired of fake-ass cliques and just want to connect with real people, being real who allow you to show up your real self. No more fake shit
  • You don’t want to join another community, just for the founder to disappear; only to show up and pitch the shit out of you with high-cost products and services
  • You just want to finally belong to a community genuinely interested to get to know you and what you’re all about
  • You just want to be able to have real, raw conversations about your highs, lows and everything in between without being judged

If you’re as excited as me and definitely ready for a circle upgrade, then you should abso-freaking-lutely jump on the wait list for sneak peeks, updates and more!

What's Going Down In WomeneurCircles?

When WomeneurCircles launches March 3, 2020…

  • Your voice matters and will be heard – a space where you won’t get dismissed or overlooked for not ‘going along’ just to get along. Your voice is heard, respected, trusted and most importantly matters
  • Receive peer-to-peer support – receive genuine, honest feedback for your business questions and receive peer-to-peer mentoring and support while navigating your hard-ass journey
  • Get matched with your AccountaBestie™ – break up with procrastination and winging your business. Start dating focus and finalllly begin getting shit done with your paired AccountaBestiewho’s going to hold you all the way down  
  • Connect with people who won’t hate or compete – find and connect with your biz bestie by industry and location… on and offline
  • No more fake shit – real conversations with real people who aren’t full of shit or make you feel like shit for showing up your true, authentic self
  • Intimate interaction with Womeneur’s founder – direct access to Womeneur’s founder, Sharon Beason who won’t ‘ghost’ you or only communicate to sell you high-priced products and services

Wait... there's more!

  • Access free resources – check lists, cheat sheets and challenges
  • Step up your reading game – reading is fundamental, so participate in the WomeneurCirlces Book club and find accountability to read and learn more
  • Receive exclusive, insider’s access – early access to digital courses – including a 12-module E-course and spin off to Womeneur founder’s first book: The Entrepreneur’s Startup Gameplan
  • Get on the VIP list – WomeneurCircles members are VIP baby!  on Womeneur products and services
  • Gain clarity and direction – virtual goal-setting parties with Sharon Beason, Womeneur’s founder
  • No more getting ripped off, duped and suckered – we’re shutting down shady behavior from unreliable, unprofessional and no-show ‘experts’. Access Womeneur’s Preferred Partners network to work with trademark lawyers, copy writers, graphics designers, accountants and so many more
  • Connect In Person On Retreats – yup.. we’re going to bond like crazy during our travels to local and international locations

If you’re as excited as me and definitely ready for a circle upgrade, then you abso-freaking-lutely should jump on the wait list for sneak peeks, updates and more!